We can assist you with a multitude of reporting, analytics and integration needs because we know the Adobe® Connect™ database schema like the back of our hand.   Examples of services that we offer include creating custom SQL reports, developing custom reporting applications, and migration of data from other Learning Management Systems to Adobe Connect.

Custom Reports

If you have specific and unique reporting requirements, or you just need one of the existing reports modified to include some additional information, we can do it for you. With our deep and extensive knowledge of the Adobe Connect database schema, we can create a custom report that can be executed as a SQL script, or embedded within a Custom Application or Custom Workflow.   We can even create custom database tables and XML APIs that can be used to generate custom reports.

Reporting Applications

One of the disadvantages of having a custom SQL script written to solve a reporting requirement is that only DBAs can execute the script. This may work for certain situations, such as reports that are not executed very often.   However, if you are trying to solve a critical business requirement, then you will almost certainly want to consider adding a Custom Workflow or Custom Application which utilizes the Custom Report.

For on-premise Adobe Connect installations, we can embed Custom Reports within both Custom Workflows and Custom Applications. For hosted Adobe Connect customers, we can embed Custom Reports within Custom Applications.    Here are some examples of Custom Reports embedded in applications and workflows:

  • Custom Reports AIR Application - The Custom Reports AIR Application is a standalone, desktop application that is built on Adobe's AIR technology so that it can run on multiple operating systems outside of a browser.   The Custom Reports AIR Application provides the client with a set of custom reports that were written solely for the client's needs.
  • Training Reports Workflow - The Training Reports Workflow is a Flex application that provides a streamlined approach for viewing and downloading custom reports designed specifically for the client, all embedded within a custom workflow in Adobe Connect Central.   

And More...

We realize that every business enterprise and government organization will have a unique reporting and data need that doesn't fall into a particular bucket.   You might need to migrate your existing Learning Management System's data into Adobe Connect's database as part of your rollout.   Or you might need to use Crystal Reports to generate printed training certificates. Whatever it is, we think we can help. Give us a call today and let's talk about how we can make you successful with Adobe Connect.