CirruxSolutions™ mission is to ensure that you are successful with Adobe® Connect™.   We provide a range of services including defining the architecture of your Adobe Connect solution, integrating your existing user base with Adobe Connect, and implementing a maintenance and support strategy.     In addition, when out-of-the-box isn't good enough, we can assist you in determining when a workaround or custom application is necessary to work around a limitation in Adobe Connect.

Solution Architecture

We understand that rolling out Adobe Connect to your organization is not a simple process in itself, but with CirruxSolutions, we can greatly simplify the steps involved.   We can assist you in every stage and facet of your Adobe Connect installation, including requirements gathering, analysis, design, deployment and testing of your solution.   Furthermore, we can manage the entire rollout from start to finish within your organization, allowing you to focus on your core competency and leverage ours.    By utilizing our team of experts, you can save time and money, allowing you to spend more time collaborating and communicating with Adobe Connect, instead of supporting and maintaining it.

In addition to our process, we have developed solutions and tools that can ensure success in the installation of Adobe Connect.   We can assist you in functional and performance testing your system, allowing you to identify embarrassing issues and bottlenecks in your architecture, long before your users discover them.   

Enterprise Integration - Configuration and Integration

Getting Adobe Connect up and running is just one phase of the deployment process.    You will undoubtedly have other configuration and integration needs.   

One such challenge that organizations face when deploying Adobe Connect is how to integrate their existing user base with Adobe Connect.   Organizations do not want to create users manually in Adobe Connect, because this is a tedious process for the administrator, but more importantly, this forces their users to remember another set of login and passwords.   

While Adobe Connect provides support for LDAP and NTLM, SSO protocols such ADFS 1.0 and SAML are not supported "out-of-the-box". For your single sign-on needs, we can integrate your existing Identity Provider with Adobe Connect, so that your end users can seamlessly authenticate into Adobe Connect using their existing credentials. Whether you are using ADFS 1.0 or SAML with Microsoft Active Directory, Cirrux will work with you to design, implement, deploy and test the entire solution, as well as provide the project management that is necessary to successfully deliver the solution.

Maintenance & Support

It is inevitable that your organization will have questions, require support or may even need a custom solution implementation to work around limitations in Adobe Connect.   While there is a wealth of information out there, sometimes the problem is navigating and processing everything in a timely manner.   With Cirrux, we can assist you in quickly finding the answers to your questions, and provide targeted documentation for your organization's needs.   In addition, since we are technical experts at Adobe Conenct, we can provide Tier 3 support at Tier 1 pricing. Finally, we can assist you when it comes time to perform maintenance on your Adobe Connect installation, ensuring a smooth process when a lot of different things can go wrong.