Custom Workflows provide an extremely streamlined and efficient approach for solving your business process and reporting needs by allowing you to conduct all of your custom workflows within the context of Adobe® Connect™ Central.    With our intimate knowledge of the Adobe Connect server framework, we can design, implement and deploy customized screens, workflows and applications embedded directly into your on-premise installation of Adobe Connect Central.

Some examples of Custom Workflows that we have implemented for our clients are:

  • Certfication Scheduler - The Certification Scheduler is a solution that enables Training Managers to allow their students to recertify with the same course. By setting when students must recertify, the Certification Scheduler will automatically reset the students' transcripts, thus allowing them to retake a course. Finally, the Certification Scheduler provides additional historical reports for students, allowing Training Managers to see how students have performed throughout the lifetime ofthe training offering.    See how a client uses The Certification Scheduler.
  • Email Filter - The Email Filter is a solution that allows Training Managers to remove specific students from the notification list without having to remove them from the enrolled groups. This provides the Training Manager with the flexibility to control who receives reminder notifications, essentially implementing a "unsubscribe" feature.
  • Custom Training Reports - Custom Training Reports provide additional training reports that are unique to the client's organization. The solution leverages new XML APIs that were written specifically for the client. Finally, the solution is embedded as a workflow within Adobe Connect, so the Training Manager does not have to log into any third-party applications to access the application.