We can design, implement, and deploy virtually any standalone applications that integrates with Adobe® Connect™ to solve your critical business needs.   At CirruxSolutions™, we have developed Custom Applications in Java, Flex, ActionScript and a myriad of other different technologies.   Your imagination decides what can be built.

At CirruxSolutions, we define Custom Applications as standalone applications that exist outside of Adobe Connect Central, the web application for managing your meetings and eLearning offerings.   The main benefit of Custom Applications is the flexibility in how they are deployed.   Technically speaking, the only reliance that Custom Applications have on the Adobe Connect platform are through the data in Adobe Connect, which is accessed through the XML APIS.   Therefore, Custom Applications can be deployed on the desktop, as web applications on your own webservers, or even as mobile applications on your smart phone, using any type of technology.

Some examples of Custom Applications that we have implemented for our clients are:

  • Custom Reports AIR Application - The Custom Reports AIR Application is a standalone desktop application that is built on Adobe's AIR technology so that it can run on multiple operating systems outside of a browser.   The Custom Reports AIR Application provides the client with a set of custom reports that were written solely for the client's needs.
  • Custom Training Portal - The Custom Training Portal is a standalone desktop application that provides a richer, more elegant experience for students to participate in virutal classrooms and also view recordings of past training offerings.   Since the Custom Training Portal is written in Flex and deployed on the Adobe AIR platform, the application provides a sophisticated approach for presenting training offerings to students.