To help you on your road to success, CirruxSolutions™ can assist you with maximizing Adobe® Connect™.    Whether you need assistance with your Adobe Connect rollout, enterprise integration or custom development, we can help you.   Continue reading for more information about Adobe Connect and CirruxSolutions' featured product offerings.

Adobe Connect

Communicating and collaborating with your team members, partners and customers is vital to your organization and your choice in a Unified Communications solution plays a key role in whether your strategy is successful.   This is where Adobe Connect excels.    Loaded with tons of features for web conferencing, eLearning and event management, Adobe Connect enables your organization to work efficiently, saving time and money.

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Custom Reports Suite

Adobe Connect provides several standard reports that provides key usage and tracking data to help you understand whether you are getting the most out of your meetings and trainings.   However, there are situations in which these reports do not provide the data required, it's not in the desired format or the data is not accessible via a user interface.   Now with the Custom Reports Suite, you can work with us to easily create your own custom reports.

For your unique reporting needs, our Custom Reports Suite can help you out.

FileCabinet Pod

The FileCabinet Pod is a custom pod that goes above and beyond what is available in the standard FileShare pod.   In addition to file upload and download capabilities, the FileCabinet pod provides additional permissions controls, such as the ability to allow or deny guests from uploading files to the FileCabinet pod.   The FileCabinet pod also features an enhanced user interface.   In addition to providing additional information about stored files, the FileCabinet pod allows nesting of folders so that the Meeting Host can better organize uploaded files.   

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