Communicating and collaborating with your team members, partners and customers is a key factor in your organization's success and your choice in a Unified Communications plays a role in that success.    Your Unified Communications solution needs to be feature-rich, reliable, cost-effective, engaging and extensible.   Finally, you need an ecosystem of partners that can assist you on your road to success with your solution.

This is where Adobe® Connect™ excels.   Adobe Connect is an enterprise communications and collaboration solution for webconferencing and eLearning used by leading corporations and government organizations.    Loaded with tons of features for web conferencing, eLearning and event management, Adobe Connect enables your organization to work efficiently, saving time and money.

Save Time and Money

Using Adobe Connect will save you plenty of time and money.   You will no longer have to endure long waits at an airport and grueling flights across the country.   You don't have to deliver the same training material in-person, time and time again.   And all the time and money that you save on travel costs allows you to spend more time on the things that matter the most, regardless of what your organization does.

Create Rich, Engaging Meetings for Desktop and Mobile

Adobe Connect is an award-winning webconferencing and eLearning solution.   Built on top of the ubiquitous Adobe Flash® technology, Adobe Connect provides a rich and compelling instant-on experience for all desktop clients.   Add in a native iOS meeting client, and Adobe Connect is available from virtually any device, whether it be a browser on a desktop or a mobile device in your pocket.

Imagine being able to share what's on your desktop to a colleague thousands of miles away, or to show a presentation to hundreds of users at the same time, regardless of geographical location. You can also record and repurpose your meetings for people that couldn't attend your meeting. You can also poll your audience and view results to see if your message is getting through to your audience. Regardless of your communications need, large or small, Adobe Connect Meetings provide a compelling, collaborative experience for real-time communications and collaboration.   

Create Rapid eLearning with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Training provides a suite of tools that allows you to rapidly author training content, deliver across the Internet, and track how your audience performs. Using Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate, you can quickly and easily create your training content in an easy-to-use environment. Adding quiz questions and answers is a breeze with the quizzing feature set.

Once you upload the training content to your Adobe Connect server, you can choose to deliver it real-time in a virtual classroom, or asynchronously, as a course or in a curriculum. And Adobe Connect's standard reports provides information rich results, at your finger tips.

Customize and Extend

In terms of extensibility, Adobe Connect provides several different options. For basic customization, you can use out-of-the-box features such as changing the theme of your application and meetings, including branding your login screen and banners with your organization's logos. Custom fields allows you to store additional information for users, content, meeting and courses.

If you are interested in creating your own applications, you can do that too. With your favoriate development language of choice and the XML APIs, you can build portals, desktop applications and even mobile apps for different devices. You can also build your own custom meeting pods using Adobe Flex® and the Adobe Connect Collaboration SDK.

Integrate Within Your Enterprise

Adobe Connect is easy to get up and running in your enterprise. You have several choices with it comes to create user accounts for your Adobe Connect installation. You can provide a CSV file of your users and import them directly into Adobe Connect. Or you can integrate with your existing LDAP or authenticate with NTLM. Finally, if you want to use SSO, CirruxSolutions™ can help you with the integration.

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