SSO Integration with Adobe Connect

One of the challenges that organizations face when deploying Adobe® Connect™ within their organization is how to integrate their existing user base with Adobe Connect.   Organizations do not want to create users manually in Adobe Connect because this is a tedious process for the administrator.   But more importantly, this forces their users to remember another set of passwords.   To streamline the integration process and also to simplify their end users' experience, Adobe Connect provides support for LDAP and NTLM.    However, Adobe Connect does not provide support for SSO protocols such as SAML 1.0 and SAML 2.0.

With CirruxSolutions™, you can now enable SSO with Adobe Connect.   With our intimate knowledge of the Adobe Connect architecture, its web service APIs, and existing SSO techonologies such as Microsoft® Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), we can implement a solution for your organization that will allow your users to seamlessly authenticate into Adobe Connect using their existing login and passwords.   Cirrux Solutions will work with you to specify your workflow needs, and then design and implement a custom solution that fits your exact authentication requirements.   

With a streamlined authentication solution, such as SSO integration with Adobe Connect, your organization will achieve the following benefits:

  • No more manually creating users into your Adobe Connect account.   Our SSO solution will automatically create and update users with up-to-date information from your Identity Provider, whether it be Microsoft ADFS, CA SiteMinder, or some other SSO IdP.
  • End users do not have to remember another set of login and passwords.   One of the primary goals of SSO is to allow your end users to use the same login and password across disparate systems. By using our SSO solution, your Adobe Connect users do not have to remember yet another set of login and passwords.
  • Save time and money.   Users that cannot get into your Adobe Connect meetings or training offerings because they cannot remember their login and passwords ultimately means that your organization is losing time and money.    With SSO, you can make sure that your users get into their meetings and trainings quickly and efficiently.

If your enterprise or government agency has similar needs to integrate its SSO implementation with Adobe Connect, please feel free to contact us today to see how we can help.