At CirruxSolutions, we deliver high quality custom applications and solutions for our clients on time and within budget.   We do this by keenly analyzing the core business problem at hand, utilizing industry best software development methodologies, and leveraging our deep technical experience with Adobe Connect.

Below is a sample of Adobe Connect consulting projects that we have worked on for a few clients.

Maryland County Police Department and the Custom Reports Suite

It is important to know that you are getting ROI on your Adobe Connect installation.   Adobe Connect provides several standard reports that provides key usage and tracking data to help you understand whether you are getting the most out of your meetings and trainings.   However, there are situations in which these reports do not provide the data required, the data is not in the desired format or the data is not accessible via a user interface.   This is a problem that the Maryland County Police Department faced with their installation of Adobe Connect.

For more details on how MCPD solved their reporting needs, read our case study on "Maryland County Police Department and the Custom Reports Suite".

The Certification Scheduler

One of Adobe Connect's core strengths is its rapid eLearning feature set.    With the training module, organizations can easily author courses with Adobe Captivate or Presenter, add the courses to the Adobe Connect Training Library, and assign the courses to users.   However, one key workflow that is missing is the ability to allow users to recertify on a periodic basis.   Once a user completes a course, their transcripts cannot be modified, except by manual intervention.

To found out how CirruxSolutions assisted the client with a custom recertification application for Adobe Connect, read our case study "The Certification Scheduler".

US Air Force and the FileCabinet Pod

The FileCabinet Pod is a custom pod that goes above and beyond what is available in the standard FileShare pod.   In addition to file upload and download capabilities, the FileCabinet pod provides additional permissions controls, such as the ability to allow or deny guests from uploading files to the FileCabinet pod.   The FileCabinet pod also features an enhanced user interface.   In addition to providing additional information about stored files, the FileCabinet pod allows nesting of folders so that the Meeting Host can better organize uploaded files.   

For more details on how the US Air Force solved their unique file sharing needs, read our case study "US Air Force and the FileCabinet Pod".

SSO Integration with Adobe Connect

A challenge that organizations face when deploying Adobe Connect within their organization is how to integrate their existing user base with Adobe Connect.    To simplify their users' experience with Adobe Connect, many organizations look to integration strategies that involve LDAP, NTLM and SSO.   While Adobe Connect supports LDAP and NTLM out-of-the-box, it does not provide support for SSO protocols such as SAML.

To found out how CirruxSolutions can assist you with integrating your SSO implementation with Adobe Connect, read our case study "SSO Integration with Adobe Connect".