The Certification Scheduler

One of Adobe® Connect™'s core strengths is its rapid eLearning feature set.    With the training module, organizations can easily author courses with Adobe Captivate or Presenter, assign the courses to users, and track how users perform on the courses.   However, one key workflow that is missing is the ability to allow users to recertify on a periodic basis.   Once a user completes a course, their transcripts cannot be modified, except by manual intervention. And when the transcript is manually overwritten, all reporting history is lost.

The Certification Scheduler is a Custom Workflow that is embedded within Adobe Connect Central, allowing the client's training staff to use a custom application within the familiar and convenient context of Adobe Connect.   With the Certificiation Scheduler, CirruxSolutions designed an application that allowed the client to schedule when their users should recertify.   Another important feature is the ability to review reports from previous certification attempts as well.

Scheduling Users to Recertify

With the Certification Scheduler, training staff can navigate to the desired course and click on the "Certification Settings" link.   By setting the certification duration to a time period, such as 6 months or 1 year, training staff can set a recertification policy for users that have completed the course. The users will then be able to take the course again without any manual intervention from the training staff, thus saving the client from the tedious process of manually overriding transcripts. In addition, a Certification Audit report is provided that allows training staff to view when users had their transcripts reset by the Certification Scheduler.

Certification Reports

An important component of the solution is reporting.   The Certification Scheduler provides a set of Certification Reports that allows the training staff to see how their users performed throughout the lifetime of the course.   The training staff can use the Find User feature to quickly locate transcripts for a specific user and then drill down on the user for more detailed reporting information.

The Client's Results

With the Certification Scheduler, the client is now able to allow their users to recertify with the same courses, thus saving the training staff a great deal of time with managing their courses.    The client no longer has to spend time manually overriding individual user transcripts when they need to recertify.   Instead, they can focus on creating training material that will further allow its employees to excel in their careers.   In addition, valuable reports allow the client to be able to view, analyze and determine the success of their training methodologies.

Your Custom Workflow

If you have a need for a custom workflow that needs to be embedded in Adobe Connect, we can definitely help you.   In fact, our engineers have built several of the core workflows within Adobe Connect itself, so we have plenty of experience.   And since we can leverage our existing technology and that of Adobe Connect's, we can make sure your project is delivered on time, and within budget.