US Air Force and the FileCabinet Pod

The FileCabinet™ Pod provides file sharing functionality that is above and beyond what is available in the standard FileShare pod.   The FileCabinet pod features additional permissions controls, such as the ability to allow or deny guests from uploading files to the FileCabinet pod.    The FileCabinet pod also has an enhanced user interface. The FileCabinet provides additonal information regarding the uploded files, such as who uploaded the file, what is the file type, and when it was uploaded. In addition to providing additional information, the FileCabinet pod allows nesting of folders so that meeting hosts can better organize the uploaded files.

Your Custom Pod

If you have a need for a custom pod that isn't satisfied by Adobe® Connect™'s standard pods, we can build it for you.   Leveraging our existing technology, and utilizing our expertise with the Adobe Connect XML APIs and database, we can develop a custom pod to fill your needs on time and within budget.   We can even create additional tables in the Adobe Connect database, as well as custom XML APIs that provide the functionality that you need.