MCPD and the Custom Reports Suite

It is important to know that you are getting ROI on your Adobe® Connect™ installation.   Adobe Connect provides several "out-of-the-box" reports that provides key usage and tracking data to help you understand whether you are getting the most out of your meetings and trainings.   However, there are situations in which the standard reports does not provide the data required, the data is not in the desired format and the data is not accessible via a user interface.   This is a problem that the Maryland County Police Department faced with their installation of Adobe Connect.

Maryland County Police Department needed a solution to generate training-based reports that were based on selecting criteria first.   They wanted to be able to select the source Presenter or Captivate content, then select specific courses that were generated from the source content, and finally, select which groups and users to include in the report.    Since the out-of-the-box reports did not provide the necessary functionality, they needed a custom solution that would fit their requirements.   This is where Maryland County Police Department turned to CirruxSolutions' Custom Reports Suite.

Introducing the Custom Reports Suite

Built on top of the Adobe® AIR® runtime, the Custom Reports Suite is a standalone application that is developed with Flex and the Adobe Connect XML APIs.   Since the application is built on top of the XML APIs, it has the advantage of being compatible with future versions of Adobe Connect, providing a significant ROI on a custom solution.   Furthermore, since the application is developed with Flex, the user experience provided is both elegant and easy to use.    Finally, the Custom Reports Suite is highly componentized, making it easy to quickly add new criteria and custom reports for a highly efficient and product approach to generating reports in Adobe Connect.

Cirrux Explorer for Content, Training and Meetings

The Custom Reports Suite features the Cirrux Explorer.   The Cirrux Exlorer component provides a familiar and elegant approach to navigating through your Adobe Content, Training and Meeting libraries.   While the user interface is reminiscent of what you would find on operating systems such as MAC OSX or Windows, it is developed specifically for Adobe Connect.   With a left panel for quickly choosing a different libraries, and a right datagrid for selecting content, training and meetings, the Cirrux Explorer makes locating objects quick and effortless.   The Find feature allows you to quickly locate objects in the datagrid by entering in text.   Clicking on an object in the datagrid launches the Custom Reports Wizard.   

Custom Reports Wizard

The Custom Reports Wizard is launched by double-clicking on a content, training or meeting in the Cirrux Explorer's datagrid.   The wizard consists of screens that allows you to narrow down your criteria involved in generating a report.   After selecting criteria such as courses, users and groups, a report is generated.   The generated report can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

For example, when using the Content Reports Wizard, MCPD wanted to first select a source content to base their reports on.    MCPD then wanted to be presented with a list of courses that were created from the source content.    Finally, MCPD wanted to be able to further restrict the reporting criteria to specific users and groups to generate a report for.   

Your Custom Application

If you have a need for custom reports in Adobe Connect, we can definitely help you.    Leveraging our existing technology, and utilizing our expertise with the Adobe Connect XML APIs and database, we can develop a custom application to fill your needs on time and within budget.    We can even create additional tables in the Adobe Connect database, as well as custom XML APIs that provide the funcitonality that you need.